Personal Training

Home training sessions

Home training is more convenient than going to the gym as everything you need comes to your home or where you feel confident training. The sessions are generally an hour long each with excellent workouts, fitness tests and, most importantly, achievement of your personal goals.

Rather than a general fitness class, home training is ideal for someone who wants a personalised training programme which runs at whatever pace they wish. Our training programmes are designed around you, so they're completely unique and set up with the aim of achieving your own fitness goals; we don't try to fit you to a mould.

  • No contract, no monthly fee. You pay per session.
  • Proven to achieve more when you are in a place of comfort.
  • One to One training.
  • We can help you to create a nutrition plan - Direct from your cupboards.
  • Personal trainers guarantee the best of results.
  • Sessions can be booked at a time and day to suit you.
  • Our training plans can be used anywhere, such as gyms.
  • Our plans are tailored entirely to your needs.

Pricing for an hour's session is generally around £20 depending on location. A discounted rate is available for clients who are booking five sessions at a time.

We recommend at least one session a week, but our programme is flexible should you require it to be.

For more information or to book a session, don't hesitate to CONTACT US!

Benefits of Home Training: